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UK Patio Awning Guide - Things you should know

Why Buy a Retractable Patio Awning? - A retractable awning offers the ultimate in versatility. 45 percent of the heat that builds up in your house comes in through windows. Both exterior and interior shades can control this excess heat. Home Accessories such as awnings, louvres, or shutters are more far more effective, since they block sunlight before it enters the house. Retractable awnings are the "Rolls Royce" of awnings, ideal for covering patios or decking.

A Patio Awning

How does an Kent Patio Awning work? - A lateral arm or retractable awning uses spring-loaded arms to provide tension to the fabric as it rolls from the drive tube. The retractable awning is unique in that it may be extended as required and only as far as needed.

What size Patio Awning? - It`s best to overlap the width of the area requiring shade by 6" - 12". This will limit the side loss of shade. The extension dimension should be the area you want covered plus 12" - 18". Also, you don't have to extend the awning all the way. The extra 18" is cheap assurance of the shade you want.

Operating a Retractable Patio Awning - The most popular system is a manual operator using a simple removable hand brace. Internally or externally, if needed, or outside both ends of the awning. The fitting of a tubular motor provides the most utility for a retractable awning. The motorisation of your awning provides the additional option of a sun and wind sensor that automatically operates your awning as you program it. Awning over DeckingThe awning senses the sun and out it goes to provide the protection you desire. The sun goes down and your awning automatically retracts safely waiting for the next time the sun comes out. Electric motors can also be on a remote control and include wind and sun sensors to open and close automatically.

Maintenance - The beauty of these Kent awnings is the fact they are virtually maintenance free. In inland areas simply wash the frame and fabric once per year with mild soap and water. In salt water areas we suggest rinsing the frame and cover monthly.

Clean the Patio Awning fabric - Clean lightly stained fabric with a dilution of sugar soap and water. Severely soiled or stained fabric can be professionally cleaned to look like new.

Weather uses - If the awning is installed with the minimum recommended angle of pitch, it is safe to use in light to moderate rain. Never leave an Kent Patio Awning in the rain unattended, as heavy rain could cause water to pool on the fabric and possibly damage the frame and the fabric. If your installation is under an eve or soffit, I would save the money. If exposed to sunlight and weather, it is a worthwhile purchase.